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Just thought I'd crosspost this from my Tumblr. Actual KIMs updates'll be tomorrow; also we'll get on our shit with the header contest stuff. ♥

See where your fellow Kurtofskians are and connect! If you’re only comfortable with sharing the general area you’re in, that’s just fine. I’ve added my relevant URLs but that’s not necessary if you only want to be on it for the sake of an accurate representation.

Kurtofskian Location Map

Feel free to redistribute anywhere you want.
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Answering a Few Questions:

Is KIMs still daily?
Sadly, no. Since we're doing a more fic-heavy setup for Volume 2, updates will be a little more erratic, but we will try and get them up at least once a week.

Why is Blaine/Kurt/etc the way they are?
This mostly comes from our newer readers. Short answer: We started KIMs back around episode 10 during the hiatus, before Blaine had any character development, Kurt's feelings on sex were brought up, and so on, so that should give you a good canon starting point.

An FAQ post will be up sometime in the next couple days.

Charity Update:

If you have donated and are waiting for a fic, please comment here (comments ARE screened for your privacy) with your screencap URL and what you originally wanted. We apologize for the long wait, but RL likes to get in the way. Having all the requests in one place will make things much easier for us to get through them all. Thank you for your patience!
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So, the other day Tess bought some pins for herself. And then was like "...I can live without these, let's do a header contest." So we are.

Details. )
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At [livejournal.com profile] kurtofsky_ims, you only see the finished product. Over at Tumblr, you might see something more -- details about our KIMS-related thought processes, snippets from upcoming KIMS posts, etc. If that interests any of you at all, you should follow us. There are disclaimers about content and whatnot for each of our Tumblr accounts, FYI. And, more importantly than that, you should be warned that Tumblr is very spoiler-friendly, so if you go there expecting not to be spoiled about upcoming episodes of anything, you need to kill that expectation right now.

Anyway! Check out our Tumblr accounts. :D

Tess on Tumblr: reallytessisamess

Magz on Tumblr: sparklepocalypse
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Okay, guys. I'll be gone all day and into tomorrow. No KIMs today. We got really behind while I was sick and there's nothing to put up as a filler or anything. Sorry about that, guys. Couldn't be helped, you know?

And, guys? Not to be pissy or anything, but I’m going to be gone because of some major shit in my life right now. Mini crisis ftw. So please, for the love of god, don’t whine about the lack of an update. If I come back to a bunch of crap about bawww no KIMs for ONE DAY?! I might seriously lose my shit. I’ve got enough going on right now. It happens. I already feel bad that we can’t update today, but I’ve just got bigger problems and I can’t be bothered about it right this second.

Anyway, I’ll miss you all. Hope you aren't too distraught over no KIMs for today. We'll make it up to you lovely people. I’ll be back Wednesday afternoon bearing Kurtofsky gifts aplenty. Wish I’d had some sort of warning about all this, but it was really sudden and very necessary.

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[livejournal.com profile] dlgr has finished the interactive birthday card! If you would like to sign, please do so!

The card is located HERE. To sign:

1. Click the "Click Here To Sign This Card" Button at the top of the card.
2. Add your [PG-13 rated] message.
3. Put down the name you want him to see.
4. IF YOU MADE ART and would like him to see it:
     - Upload the art in the attach image section.
     - Go upload the art on an image hosting site (i.e. http://imageshack.com) and then copy/paste the link. Go then to http://tinyurl.com, paste the link there and hit enter. Copy/paste THAT link and paste it in the BODY of your message. You don't HAVE to shorten the url in tinyurl... but it'll save character space if you wrote a long message! And it's nice to upload the art in that image section because it'll show a thumbnail of what your link shows!

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As most of you've probably heard, Max Adler's 25th birthday is on Monday. The ever-lovely [livejournal.com profile] dlgr is gathering PG-13 [or lower] rated fanart of Karofsky or Max to include in an interactive birthday e-card that she's putting together, to present to him from his fans on his birthday. She will, of course, be opening the card up to messages and signatures from fans once it's been put together.

Here's where you guys come in, you crazy-talented folks, you. She needs people to volunteer their fanart for the e-card. This art can be anything from doodles to photos to manips to... you get it, right? And the more art that's included in the card, the more awesome it will be. So please, help us make Max's birthday a little more fabulous by helping to shower him in art and well-wishes.

We're not asking for new art [unless you feel up to making it]. Anything you've already made is perfect. Just one stipulation: the art should not include characters/people other than Dave/Max. As [livejournal.com profile] dlgr says, we don't want to weird him out. If other characters/people are in the art and can be easily cropped out, you can still submit the cropped versions.

Please send your fanart to [livejournal.com profile] dlgr via email: mzimme02 [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

Thank you so much, and hope you're enjoying today's installment of the KIMS. ♥

[ETA] Fanart submissions are now closed. You can still add your art to the interior of the card once it's been created.

-- Magz

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