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Okay, guys. I'll be gone all day and into tomorrow. No KIMs today. We got really behind while I was sick and there's nothing to put up as a filler or anything. Sorry about that, guys. Couldn't be helped, you know?

And, guys? Not to be pissy or anything, but I’m going to be gone because of some major shit in my life right now. Mini crisis ftw. So please, for the love of god, don’t whine about the lack of an update. If I come back to a bunch of crap about bawww no KIMs for ONE DAY?! I might seriously lose my shit. I’ve got enough going on right now. It happens. I already feel bad that we can’t update today, but I’ve just got bigger problems and I can’t be bothered about it right this second.

Anyway, I’ll miss you all. Hope you aren't too distraught over no KIMs for today. We'll make it up to you lovely people. I’ll be back Wednesday afternoon bearing Kurtofsky gifts aplenty. Wish I’d had some sort of warning about all this, but it was really sudden and very necessary.


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