Mar. 13th, 2011

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Answering a Few Questions:

Is KIMs still daily?
Sadly, no. Since we're doing a more fic-heavy setup for Volume 2, updates will be a little more erratic, but we will try and get them up at least once a week.

Why is Blaine/Kurt/etc the way they are?
This mostly comes from our newer readers. Short answer: We started KIMs back around episode 10 during the hiatus, before Blaine had any character development, Kurt's feelings on sex were brought up, and so on, so that should give you a good canon starting point.

An FAQ post will be up sometime in the next couple days.

Charity Update:

If you have donated and are waiting for a fic, please comment here (comments ARE screened for your privacy) with your screencap URL and what you originally wanted. We apologize for the long wait, but RL likes to get in the way. Having all the requests in one place will make things much easier for us to get through them all. Thank you for your patience!

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