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So, the other day Tess bought some pins for herself. And then was like "...I can live without these, let's do a header contest." So we are.

Details. )
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At [livejournal.com profile] kurtofsky_ims, you only see the finished product. Over at Tumblr, you might see something more -- details about our KIMS-related thought processes, snippets from upcoming KIMS posts, etc. If that interests any of you at all, you should follow us. There are disclaimers about content and whatnot for each of our Tumblr accounts, FYI. And, more importantly than that, you should be warned that Tumblr is very spoiler-friendly, so if you go there expecting not to be spoiled about upcoming episodes of anything, you need to kill that expectation right now.

Anyway! Check out our Tumblr accounts. :D

Tess on Tumblr: reallytessisamess

Magz on Tumblr: sparklepocalypse

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