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Mar. 28th, 2011 09:17 pm
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Dave showed up at Kurt's house an hour after logging out of AIM. It wasn't a far drive, but when he'd gotten to Walmart he'd seen something that gave him an idea, which then sent him right back out of Walmart, and a good ten miles out of the way to the new Best Buy, then back to Walmart to get the ice cream. He was just glad he remembered not to get the ice cream first (something he'd only remembered once he was halfway to the registers), otherwise he would've had a half melted mess in the store bag where the Chocolate Fudge Brownie should've been.

Carole let him into the house, smiling gently. "Are you here for Kurt, honey?" she asked, and when he nodded, she gestured toward the living room. "He's in there. Go ahead -- I think he needs you."

Dave stepped into the living room, shifting the bags in his hand as his gaze landed on Kurt. "Hey, babe... Sorry that took so long."

Kurt stood up, wiping his eyes, and turned to look at David. He was there, and Kurt was a mess, and there wasn't a single place he'd rather have been at that moment than in David's arms. His own arms wrapped around himself in a sad excuse for a hug, he walked straight into David's personal space and buried his face in his shoulder.

Dave wrapped his arms around Kurt, hugging him tightly. He sighed softly and rested his chin on the other boy's shoulder. "S'not really just about that actress, is it?" He asked quietly. And, sure, maybe it was just about her and he was about to get chewed out for asking, but he had a feeling it wasn't.

"My mom," Kurt murmured, lifting his face from David's shoulder long enough to speak. "Elizabeth Taylor was her favorite. If I'd been a girl, she would've named me after her." He pressed his face into his boyfriend's shirt again, finally returning his embrace tightly.

"Oh." Yeah. That made sense. Dave was more glad than ever that he'd offered to come over. After a moment, he shifted slightly. "Got your ice cream." He demonstrated the point by lifting the bags a little, turning them so that the Walmart bag was on the inside before pressing the cold container to Kurt's side with a little grin.

Kurt shifted away from the bag and scowled up at David. "Mean," he said, resuming his embrace, more loosely this time.

Dave laughed quietly. "Just trying to get a smile. Here," he held the bags up again, "got you something else, too."

"Oh?" Kurt asked, wiping his eyes again as he stepped back. "You didn't have to," he said.

"Wanted to," Dave replied as he separated the Walmart bag from the Best Buy one, then handed over the latter of the two.

"But you -- oh," Kurt said again as he reached into the bag and pulled out two DVD box sets. "David, I..."

"I didn't know which movies were your favorites so I figured the sets were my safest bet." Dave shrugged, looking down at the Liz Taylor box sets.

"We always watched National Velvet first," Kurt murmured, picking at the shrink wrap on the set that contained the film. He wiped his eyes again as he tore off the plastic and opened the set. "Can you put it in? I'll go get some spoons for the ice cream."

"No problem, babe." Dave pulled the cellophane off of the first box set and opened it, setting the other one down on the coffee table before slipping the disc into the DVD player. He made his way to the couch and sat down, pulling the carton of ice cream out of the Walmart bag.

Kurt stepped into the kitchen, where Carole was staring down the crossword puzzle as though she were about to challenge it to a duel at high noon. He made his way to the silverware drawer, pulled out two spoons, and rounded the kitchen island to eye the puzzle next to her. "Twelve across is 'schism'," he said.

"Thanks," Carole said, jotting down the word. "Are you okay, Kurt?" She turned in her stool to face him, smiling kindly and putting a gentle hand on his arm.

Kurt nodded. "Mostly," he said. "David's -- " he paused, struggling to find the right way to phrase what David being here meant to him.

"He's taking it away, isn't he," she said knowingly. "The sadness, I mean." She rubbed his arm and released it. "Your dad does that for me, when I miss Finn's father." Picking up her pen, she turned back to the crossword. "Go on, now, and watch your movie."

"Everything okay?" Dave asked when Kurt came back into the living room, looking up from the back of the DVD case he had been skimming.

"Yeah," Kurt replied. He sat cross-legged on the couch and snatched up the ice cream, pulling off the lid. "I think Carole just did that weird maternal ESP thing. Did you tell her we were watching a movie?" He scooped out a spoonful of the ice cream and sucked it into his mouth, making an embarrassingly orgasmic noise as he did so.

"Nope; she mighta heard us talking though." Dave smiled slightly as he watched Kurt eat, then slipped an arm around his shoulders, reaching over to pick up the remote with his free hand.

Kurt offered the other spoon to David and shuffled over, draping one leg over David's and leaning into him. "Maybe that's it." He took another mouthful of ice cream and passed the carton to his boyfriend.

Dave settled his hand on Kurt's arm, hitting play on the remote before dropping it onto the couch cushion so he could take the ice cream carton. "What's this about?" He asked, nodding to the screen. He'd read the back, but he liked hearing Kurt talk.

"There's this horse," Kurt began, his eyes on the screen...

{ Rest in peace, Elizabeth Taylor. May you be just as fabulous in the afterlife as you were in life. }

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