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Title: Starfucks (1/?)
Author: Tessisamess
Pairing; Characters: Dave Karofsky/Kurt Hummel; Dave, Kurt, Azimio and a couple of OCs.
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,557 total
Spoilers: Meh. Probably everything up until "Sexy," but most likely only references.
Warnings: Language; my usual crimes.
Summary: [Futurefic.] Finally out of Lima, Dave Karofsky thinks he has his shit together. Working in the IT department at OSU after dropping his classes, and moonlighting as a barista for Starbucks with his roomate and best friend, he feels like he finally has his life under control. But something from his past is always there, constantly reminding him that not everything is as okay as he'd like to think. When Kurt Hummel breezes back into his life though, Dave's carefully crafted life starts going to hell as he's forced to come to terms with his problems.

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