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Date Night

Dave got out of his truck and made his way to the front door. He felt stupid. He was wearing the jacket he hated, the one Kurt liked, and okay, so what if he'd gotten a new pair of shoes as an alternative to the beat to shit Adidas he normally wore? It wasn't 'cause Kurt thought the others were gross. He just... needed new shoes. That he let his mom pick out. Without complaining... much.

Kurt opened the door before David could ring the doorbell, beaming at his boyfriend. "Hi," he said.

"You're a little early." Kurt turned around to look at his father, who was clearly gearing up for the traditional If You Hurt My Child speech. "You told me five o'clock yesterday, didn't you?"

"I, uh... yeah, I did. But you know how, um. Traffic is and all. Wanted to give us time to get there and all." Dave shoved his hands into his coat pockets, shifting his weight uneasily from one foot to the other.

"Um." Kurt grabbed his coat from the hook and shrugged into it. "Well, we should probably get going, if we want to beat that traffic David mentioned -- "

"You're just going to leave without pictures?" Carole asked, coming up behind Burt and waving her camera.

"It's not prom, Carole," Kurt replied.

Dave managed not to groan, but only just. When Finn appeared in the entryway, he was barely able to keep himself from glaring. "Sup, Hudson."


"Well, go ahead and say it. You're making the cactus-up-the-ass face again."

"You hurt my brother and I'll k--"

"Okay!" Carole said loudly, then beamed, obviously forcing it. "Well, you be sure and drive safe, alright David?"

Dave nodded at Carole's request, glaring at Finn.

"Alright! Well, I'll see you guys later," Kurt said, taking David's hand. "I'll call when we get to... wherever it is we're going." He edged out the door and shut it behind him before anyone started shouting. "That was interesting."

Dave huffed a laugh. "Yeah. Not really the word I'd pick, but..." He leaned over to press a quick kiss to the side of Kurt's mouth, very aware that Finn was being a total fucking creeper, standing by the window.

Kurt glanced over his shoulder at the window, watching as the blinds abruptly closed. He grinned and leaned up to kiss David more fully, then stepped away, twining his fingers with David's. "Okay. Let's go." He smiled.

Dave led Kurt to his truck, unlocking it with the remote as he went around to his side. He sort of felt like he was gonna puke, he was so nervous. Which, really, was sort of retarded. It's not like he thought Kurt would hate it or anything.

"Hey, you okay?" Kurt asked, reaching out and placing a hand on David's arm. "You look uncomfortable. We don't have to do this, you know."

"Wh--? Oh, nah. I'm fine." Dave grinned as he started the engine. "Sort of didn't expect to be getting it from all angles is all."

"Maybe I can convince them not to tag-team you the next time you pick me up for a date," Kurt replied. "I'm glad you're okay, though." He rubbed David's arm and let it go. "And not just because you've got me extremely curious about where you're taking me tonight." He offered his boyfriend a winning smile, hoping that would coax it out of him.

Dave just smirked. "Yeah. Not gonna work, Fancy," he responded as he pulled out of the drive. "You're just gonna have to wait and see in about, ehn, two hours. Hour and a half if traffic doesn't blow."

Kurt made a face. He looked across the bench seat to his boyfriend, whose attention was clearly focused on the wheel. He'd always thought it was sort of tacky when the jocks' girlfriends crowded in close on the bench seat of their pickup trucks. Now, though...

He waited until David stopped at a light, unbuckled his seatbelt, and scooted close, strapping himself in again. When David gave him a questioning look, he shrugged. "You were too far away," he said.

* * *

The drive to Columbus was nice. Uneventful, but maybe that was why it was so nice. Dave didn't always understand why shit was so easy between them and, hell, maybe that would change; but the fact of the matter was, things were effortless between them, at that point in time, and he figured that had to mean something.

Or maybe he was just reading too much into everything.

When they finally got into town (traffic had been a little shitty, but they'd left early enough that it hadn't mattered), Dave pulled over, into the parking lot of a Walmart.

Kurt straightened up in his seat and released David's arm as they crossed into Columbus. He'd managed to wrap his own arm around it, gripping his boyfriend's forearm lightly as he drove. The whole time, Mercedes' words from earlier had been echoing in the back of his mind. Could he actually...?

If he admitted it to himself, he, like all Hummel men, was quick to fall once someone caught his notice. But that had to be infatuation, right? It couldn't really be...

David pulled into a parking lot and cut the engine. They were at a... Walmart? "I'm choosing to remain optimistic about this," Kurt said. "I've watched enough YouTube videos to know that you can have a great time at department stores."

Dave laughed. "Uh, no. We're not going to Walmart, dude. I'm just giving you a chance before we actually get where we're going, in case you'd rather, uh. Do something else." He shifted his hips so he could pull his wallet out of his back pocket, then tugged out a slightly worn out piece of orange paper. "Here."

Kurt took the paper and unfolded it, skimming the text on it. Then he read it again. And a third time, just to make sure. He was supposed to be saying something, he was sure, but... "David." He turned to his boyfriend with wide eyes. "You're taking me to a Judy Garland movie marathon?" He was pretty sure he was smiling like a maniac by this point.

Dave shrugged awkwardly. "Seemed like something you'd be into." From the look on Kurt's face, though, he was pretty sure he did good.

Leaning forward, Kurt caught David's jaw with his fingertips and pulled him in for a sweet kiss. "I am extremely into that," he said. He pressed closer and kissed his boyfriend again.

Dave grinned against Kurt's lips, relieved, for some reason, even though he'd known Kurt would like it. When he broke the kiss, he smiled, unsure. "It, uh. Runs kinda late, so I talked to your dad and he said we could stay the night in town."

Okay, so he'd said a hell of a lot more than that. Like how he wanted two rooms and a receipt to prove it. And how he wasn't stupid, and then had come back with condoms after his lunch break. Condoms. Dave had nearly died, to say the least. He hadn't even been able look at Burt for the rest of his shift.

"Oh," Kurt replied. "Ohh, you mean..." he sat back. "Hotel room?" His eyes met David's as he contemplated a night alone in a hotel room with the other boy. He bit his lip, then released it when he remembered that he was far more fabulous than any single-dimensional character in a paranormal film franchise, and should act accordingly. He tilted his head. A night. Alone. With David. "Okay." He nodded.

"Well, I mean... Your dad sort of made me promise we'd get two rooms, so." But he didn't tell him about the condoms. That was just... fucking embarrassing.

As though that was going to sway Kurt now that he was resolved about a night. Alone. With David. "So we'll get two rooms," he said. "That doesn't mean we need to use them both."

Dave tried not to think about what that implied. Mainly because, if he thought about it, there was a pretty good chance he'd be sitting through the entire marathon with a fucking hard on. "Right, yeah. But," he added, giving Kurt an out, if he wanted it, "we can if, uh. You know. We want to. Use both. I mean, that's okay too."

"We'd run up our cell phone bills," Kurt replied. "Because I'd call you as soon as we got into our separate rooms and wouldn't let you hang up." He smiled, a little nervous, but still resolved. "Better just to share a room, for the sake of our parents' bank accounts."

* * *

The movies had actually all been pretty decent. Not that Dave had ever even heard of any of them before, but it wasn't completely boring like he'd sort of been expecting. Which was good because he'd been a little scared he'd fall asleep during and piss Kurt off. But nothing like that happened and, fuck, was he grateful for that.

Dave only hesitated a split second as they walked out of the theater and into the cold night air before putting an arm around the other boy's shoulders.

Kurt leaned into David, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend's waist. "What did you think?" he asked, honestly curious.

"It was good; I liked it way more than I thought I would."

"David Karofsky," Kurt said, stopping suddenly and turning to face his wary-looking boyfriend. "Did you make plans for tonight based purely on my love of Judy Garland, without knowing whether or not you would enjoy the movies, yourself?" When David nodded hesitantly, Kurt grinned widely. Tonight had far surpassed any hopes for a first date he'd ever built up in his mind. "That really puts the pressure on me for our next date," he murmured, touching David's face with gloved hands and kissing him.

Dave laughed into the kiss and pulled Kurt closer. "Don't worry about it, babe. I wanted to do it." He ran his hands over the small of his boyfriend's back, stealing another kiss as he did.

"That is why it was so amazing," Kurt murmured. He tilted his head back a little, cupping David's cheek. "You're am-- "


Both boys turned toward the voice, although Kurt was already flinching a little. "Rachel. You came for the movie marathon, I presume."

"I did. As you well know, I always leap at the opportunity to partake of the legendary Ms. Gumm's talents on the silver screen," Rachel replied, pulling her coat tighter around herself. "Are you... on a date? With -- "

"Yes," Kurt replied. He reached for David's hand and took it.

Fuck... Finn was one thing. He was, well, Kurt's family. But Berry? She had one of the biggest mouths in school. Suddenly, he was thankful for the cold night air. At least he could blame his reddening face on that rather than embarrassment. Dave looked at Kurt, then back to Rachel. This was not fucking happening...

"You don't have to worry about me saying anything," Rachel said, her eyes on the boys' joined hands. "My dads have told me things about their pasts, about how difficult adolescence could be when it came to matters of the heart. You two are clearly taken with each other. I won't pretend to understand," she said, her eyes on Kurt now, "but if you make each other happy then that's enough. I won't make high school harder by gossiping about you."

"That's big of you, Rachel," Kurt said. He met her gaze, still gripping David's hand tightly. "Really. Thank you."

Rachel nodded. "I have to go. Dad said that if I'm not at the car in five minutes he's coming after me, so. Enjoy the rest of your date, Kurt." She glanced at David. "Karofsky. Goodnight, gentlemen."

As Rachel walked away, Dave looked over at Kurt. "Why's she being so cool about this?" he asked, the second she was out of earshot. The whole thing made him uneasy as hell, but he knew there was a good chance he was just paranoid.

"I think she felt bad," Kurt replied, "when I transferred to Dalton. Because she's got gay dads, and she's got the ACLU on speed dial, and she didn't stand up for me. And now that I'm back at McKinley, she's trying to mend her ways."

"Gonna forgive her?" Dave asked, turning to start back toward his truck. He squeezed Kurt's hand gently.

"Yeah, I think I am," Kurt replied.

* * *

Even though they were paying for two rooms, the guy at the reception desk of the small hotel gave them both a look. It was all Dave could do not to reach over the counter and punch him right in his weasely face -- especially with how he was looking at Kurt. But he didn't say anything. Oh, no. Of course not. Couldn't risk getting a complaint and getting fired, now could he? But a look here and there, well. Who in their right mind would report someone for "looking at them funny"?

The rooms were on the same floor, but on opposite ends of the hall. "Sure you wanna stay with me?" Dave asked in the elevator, on the way up to the second floor.

"Well," Kurt said, swallowing convulsively and pretending he wasn't nervous. "You could always stay with me." The elevator doors opened then, and they both stepped out, looking up and down the hallway. Kurt took David's hand. "I mean, if you want to."

"Course I wanna." Dave responded, checking both keys against the two doors in front of them to see which way the numbers went. "One should be down that way, the other's down that way. Looks like he literally put us on opposite ends of the hall. Dick."

"I didn't like the way he was looking at you," Kurt admitted as he tugged David toward one of the rooms. "Why don't we check both rooms out? We can stay in the cleaner one."

Dave snorted quietly. "Didn't notice how he was looking at me, what with the shit he was throwing your way," he muttered, heading left, since left was always his default choice.

"He was inspecting you. Like you were some kind of piece of meat," Kurt muttered. David was nobody's piece of meat but his. He blushed a little at the thought.

He looked over at Kurt, confused. "... he was?"

"Why do you think he kept glaring at me?" Kurt asked. "He wanted you for himself, the rodenty little bastard," he sneered, his hand tightening on David's. The other boy swiped the key card for the first room in the door and opened it. "Screw cleanliness," Kurt muttered below his breath. And screw nervousness. He grabbed David by the collar, pressed him against the inside of the door, and kissed him.

Dave was... confused. Because he'd thought... oh. Never-fucking-mind what he'd thought. When Kurt kissed him, his arms automatically went to wrap around his waist. He had to admit, aggressive Kurt was... kind of really fucking hot.

Their coats came off first, Kurt shrugging out of his and then shoving David's off his shoulders. Then he crowded in close to David and kissed him again, more deeply this time, his hands on either side of David's face as his tongue skittered over the other boy's teeth before stroking against David's. He toed out of his shoes, immediately going up on the balls of his feet to compensate for the new height difference. He had to get closer, had to...

Kurt wanted to show the world that David was his, but David wasn't comfortable with that just yet. So instead, he was resolved in showing just the two of them.

Dave groaned into the kiss. Sure, he'd known there was a chance they'd be doing more than just sleeping once they got to the hotel, he wasn't retarded, but even so... His hands dropped to Kurt's hips, squeezing lightly before moving up and under the bottom of his sweater.

Still balancing on the balls of his feet, Kurt dropped one hand between them so he could start working on the buttons of David's shirt, opening them one after another, his knuckles brushing against the soft material of the tee he wore beneath it. He moaned his boyfriend's name, breaking the kiss long enough to suck in a breath before diving back in.

Then he surprised them both by reaching blindly, instinctively for one of David's hands and moving it down so that it curved over one cheek of his ass. This was... this was something he wanted. Had dreamt of, with the right person.

"You know," he murmured, circling his hips so his ass pressed back against Dave's hand, "I sat through three movies without jumping you."

Dave stepped away from the door, the hand on Kurt's ass tightening its grip as he started directing them toward the double bed. "Sat through?" He grinned, leaning in to mouth at the other boy's neck. "I think 'engrossed' is a better word for what you were doing," he teased, then ran the tip of his tongue up the side of Kurt's neck to his ear.

Kurt shuddered, fisting his hand in the front of David's shirt as he shuffled backward. "Well, yeah," he replied. "It's Judy." He pushed the button-down off David's shoulders, and together they got it off one arm. It hung just above the hand that was currently squeezing Kurt's ass. Good enough. Kurt tugged David's tee-shirt out of his jeans, intent on helping his boyfriend shed that, next.

He let go of Kurt long enough to get his shirt the rest of the way off his arm, then pulled his t-shirt up and off, and then dropped it onto the floor. He hesitated only a second before reaching to tug Kurt's sweater up. If he wanted to be a spaz about his clothes he'd have time to say something. Dave wouldn't mind -- he wouldn't get it, but he wouldn't mind.

Raising his arms, Kurt allowed David to pull his sweater over his head. Then he took it from David and tossed it a few feet away, where neither of them would be likely to step on it. He pressed a hand against David's chest and wrapped his other arm around the back of his neck, pulling him in for another kiss, but breaking it before he was really ready to.

"So my point about the movies," Kurt muttered as the backs of his knees hit the bed and he automatically sat. He quickly unbuttoned the shirt he'd put on under the sweater, pulling it off and tossing it. "There were three of them. Does that mean -- "

"Mean what?" Dave murmured, putting his good knee on the bed as he attempted to chase Kurt's lips with his own. One hand settled on the bed and the other on Kurt's arm as he kissed him, gently urging him to lie back.

Kurt pulled David down on top of him, his legs parting enough so that one of David's thighs could settle between them. He ran his hands down David's broad, warm back, arching his chest and rubbing it against his boyfriend's. "Does that mean," he asked when the other boy began pressing kisses to his jaw and neck again, "that you owe me three hand jobs?" His erection jumped in his pants at the thought of David's hand on him. Three times.

Dave was confused for a second. Then it all fell into place. The bet. "The fact that you clearly cheated to somehow make me forget about that aside," he smirked against Kurt's neck, then bit. "I think I could maybe swing that, sure." He ran his tongue over the patch of skin he'd bitten as he reached for the front of the other boy's pants.

"I think you -- oh -- wanted to forget," Kurt murmured, his hands sliding from David's back to his hips, and then to the waistband of his jeans. Then David's hand slipped into his open fly, rubbing his erection, and Kurt arched and moaned, his mind fuzzing for a moment. He took a deep breath and let it out shakily, rolling his hips slowly against David's palm. "After all," he said, his fingers working underneath David's waistband, "those hand jobs are supposed to be mutual."

Dave nodded jerkily, his hand wrapping around the other boy's length through his briefs and squeezing. "Totally got me all figured out," he murmured as he reached into Kurt's underwear.

"Oh," Kurt gasped, bucking up into David's loose grip. Someone else's hand on him for the first time since he'd discovered what his genitals were good for -- David's hand -- was probably the best thing he'd ever felt. He wanted to put his hands on David. Wanted to make him feel this, too, wanted to... but David had already felt this, hadn't he. He swallowed hard and twisted open the button of David's fly, anyway.

Dave was about to get to work on getting Kurt's pants off, but he noticed the hesitation, and it wasn't like he could let it slide. "You okay? 'Cause, I mean... we don't have to do anything, you know." He pulled back a little, just enough to be able to see Kurt's face, and pulled his hand out of the front of his pants.

"No," Kurt said, blushing a little when his hips followed David's hand. "I mean, yes. I'm okay. I just..." He sighed and rubbed the fabric of David's waistband between his thumbs and index fingers. "It's stupid. I don't even know why it made me hesitate, I just." He released David's jeans with his right hand, bringing it up to rub his thumb along his boyfriend's cheekbone. "I remembered that this isn't your first time."

He flopped backwards, his hair ruffling a little when his head hit the bedspread. "Like I said, it's stupid. Don't worry about it." He reached for David's jeans again.

"It's not stupid..." Dave just didn't know what to say to make it not an issue. Or if there was even anything you could say. Either way, he was coming up short. He pulled Kurt's hands away from his fly, then laid down next him. "Look, um. It might not be my first time, but it's the first time that it really mattered to me. So if it really bothers you, we won't."

Kurt's eyes softened and he smiled at his boyfriend, then slid a hand over his chest to his shoulder while he turned on his side to kiss him. "Of course we will," he murmured against David's lips. Any hesitation he might've had was gone the moment David had finished speaking. He swung a leg over David's thighs and kissed him again, then leaned back far enough so that he could see his face. "This matters to me, too."

Dave relaxed, then grinned and kissed his boyfriend, leaning forward as he did, pressing him into the mattress with his weight. His hands moved to Kurt's pants, pulling them down his hips.

Kurt lifted his hips when David tugged on his pants, and he shoved his briefs down after them, wriggling until both garments were down to his knees. He reached for David's jeans again and mouthed at his cheek and ear before murmuring, "You going to let me get these off you?"

Dave's hand stilled in the process of sliding up Kurt's thigh when he felt his lips on his ear. His grip tightened and he shuddered, breathing a quiet "Yeah," in reply.

"Good," Kurt replied. He unzipped David's fly and tucked his thumbs into his waistband, tugging it downward. "Because all those times I've thought about being naked with someone for the first time, they were naked, too." When it was obvious David wasn't going to do anything to help, he shoved at his shoulder. "God, just... roll onto your back for a minute so we can be naked together," he muttered, his erection straining against David's clothed one.

Dave felt his face turn red, and he smiled crookedly. "Sorry," he replied, moving with Kurt to help get his jeans off.

"Don't apologize," Kurt laughed, tugging David's jeans down and kicking his own pants all the way off, then sat back on his heels for a moment just to take in the sight of his naked boyfriend. He was lying docilely on his back, but the look in his eyes and the twitching of his hands betrayed his need to touch. To be touched. It was sexier than anything Kurt could have ever dreamed up.

"Now, let's see about resolving that bet," he murmured. He straddled David's thighs. "Maybe I can even throw around those new additions to my vocabulary." Reaching down, he murmured, "I've fantasized about this, you know. Touching your cock." They hadn't had a chance to take things further during the week, but now he had David bare beneath him and he was going to take full advantage of that fact. His fingers grazed David's shaft, bumping lightly over the moist, flared head. Then he wrapped his hand fully around his boyfriend's cock and stroked upwards, slowly, and David arched beneath him.

Dave groaned quietly, one hand sliding down over the curve of Kurt's back to rest on the round of his ass as he slipped the other hand between them to curl around his boyfriend's dick. "Say 'cock' again," he murmured, unable to bite back a small grin over what he was asking.

"You perv," Kurt chuckled. He bent forward to lick into David's mouth, pulling back with a gentle bite at his lower lip. "I like the way your... cock," he began, accompanying the word with a subtle tightening of his grip, "feels in my hand." And he did. It was funny, really -- until just recently, his intimate fantasies had revolved around soft touches, dim lighting, quiet music... little glimpses of flesh here and there. But right now, settled on top of his boyfriend with a hand curved around his shaft, feeling David pant softly against his lips, feeling David's hand on his cock...

It trumped any fantasy he'd ever had.

The light hold he had on Kurt's ass tightened as Dave began thrusting into the other boy's grip, his own hand moving faster as he did. "Fuck -- babe." Something about hearing Kurt talk like that... it was probably because he almost never talked that way normally. It was the same as why seeing Kurt showing even just a tiny bit of skin, didn't really matter where, could get him from six to fucking midnight in two seconds flat.

"You like that," Kurt groaned, thrusting fluidly into David's hands. Each time his hips drew back, David squeezed his ass, and when he thrust forward again, David's thumb swiped over the tip of his dick, pulling a shudder and a grunt out of him. His own grip on David's cock was too dry, too... he released it for a moment, bringing his hand up to his mouth to lick his palm, something that would normally gross him out, but under the circumstances it only made him hotter.

It tasted like skin, mostly, with a hint of a bitter tang. Pre-ejaculate, his mind supplied for him, like this was an anatomy lesson and not the next step in the loss of his virginity. It was an acquired taste. He'd acquire it for David, if that was the direction this relationship was headed. He gripped David's cock again, more firmly this time, and stroked in counterpoint to his boyfriend's thrusts. "You like the way I'm touching your -- ohgod -- your cock, David?"

Dave gasped brokenly at the sudden slickness. "Uh huh, I -- " he leaned up, biting down on the side of Kurt's neck, not quite hard enough to leave a mark. He groaned roughly against his boyfriend's neck, "Tell me -- what you want."

Kurt's fingers twisted the bedspread as David's voice vibrated against his neck. Then he released the comforter and dragged his hand upwards, brushing his thumb across his boyfriend's cheekbone. "You, I want..." he trailed off on a moan. "I want to come in your hand. I want -- I want to come with you. I -- want to feel it when you come in my hand, and kiss you while we're -- " He arched his back, the motion dragging the head of his dick against the base of David's. "I'm close, David, I -- "

"Ye-- same." Dave whined quietly when he felt Kurt's cock against his. "Fuuuck. C'mon, babe. Come for me. Come for me." He shuddered, bracing his good leg against the mattress as he sped up both his hips and his hand, leaning up to kiss Kurt sloppily as he came.

Kurt moaned into the kiss, feeling David's cock pulse, the sudden sticky-slickness of his come on his fingers. He released David's shaft and grabbed his hip so he could thrust against him. David was gripping his ass tightly now, tight enough that Kurt might feel it later, the tips of his long fingers resting just shy of the crease between his ass cheeks.

He thought of David's fingers where only his own had ever been, bucking into the first hand besides his own to ever touch his cock, and it didn't matter anymore that his wasn't the first hand to ever touch David's, because now he had, and David was touching him, and he could feel his balls and his belly tighten. One last, uncontrolled buck into David's hand and that was it, he was done. Kurt came with a cry, high and wailing, the sound muffled by David's mouth on his.

Dave released his grip on Kurt's ass, hand moving up his back to rest on his shoulder blade. He broke the haphazard kiss so he could press his lips against the other boy's jaw as he let go of his softening cock. "Was it good...?" he asked after a moment, only barely able to keep himself from tacking "enough" to the end of the sentence.

Kurt ran his clean hand through David's sweaty hair and then propped himself up on his chest. "Yeah," he said. "What about you, did I -- was I..." He trailed off, not really knowing how to phrase his question.

Dave laughed quietly. "It was perfect, Fancy." He sat up slowly, shifting Kurt as he moved so he wouldn't have to move him off. "Y'wanna take a shower...?"

"We'd better," Kurt said. He draped his arms around David's shoulders and kissed him slowly before standing and heading for the bathroom, his boyfriend two steps behind. "Are you staring at my ass?" he asked, his cheeks reddening a little despite all they'd just done.

"... maybe a little, yeah." Dave grinned, reaching around Kurt to turn on the bathroom light when they reached the doorway. It was tiny, but spotlessly clean, and almost painfully white. The tub itself only looked barely big enough for the two of them. It would be a tight fit, but Dave sure wasn't complaining.

Kurt spotted a few bars of soap on the ledge of the sink and picked one up, unwrapping and inspecting it. "Well, it's not my usual moisturizing bar, but it'll do," he decided. "Better than falling asleep covered in bodily fluids." He moved to the shower stall and bent to fiddle with the taps, glancing back when David groaned softly. "Already?" he asked, blushing again.

"Sorry," Dave replied, though he didn't sound it. And, really, it was sort of hard to sound sorry when you were still grinning like an idiot. He stepped forward, only needing to go about a foot to cross from one side of the bathroom to the other, and settled a hand on Kurt's hip, not even trying not to stare anymore.

Turning to face his boyfriend, Kurt offered him a lopsided smile. "Don't be," he said. He brought a hand to David's chest, dragging the tip of his index finger lightly over the moderately hairy skin. "I like that you want me," he admitted. "It makes me feel sexy."

"You are sexy." Dave replied, then pulled Kurt into a kiss. He could barely bring himself to be embarrassed by the fact that his erection was pressed firmly against the other boy's stomach. "Do me a favor?"

Kurt nodded and stepped closer, his eyes fluttering closed for a moment as their dicks aligned. "Yeah?"

"Could you go get my jeans?" Dave asked, hand drifting down to Kurt's ass.

Shaking his head, Kurt asked, "Uh, what?"

"My... jeans?"

Kurt blinked. He was pretty sure jeans were the last thing David should have right now. In fact, he'd been idly contemplating whether or not he could get away with confiscating all of David's pants. "Um. Okay," he murmured, pulling away and heading back out into the main room.

Dave leaned down to wash his hand off under the tap, then shut the water off and sat down on the edge of the tub --which was kind of fucking cold. When Kurt came back in, he took his jeans from him but, rather than put them on (which Kurt was apparently under the impression that he was going to do), he dug into the back pocket and pulled out a small, plastic packet. "C'mere..."

"Is that..." Kurt asked, his eyes on the crinkly plastic square in his boyfriend's hand. He swallowed hard, staring as David tore the packet open and pulled out a condom. "I'm not sure I'm ready for -- "

"Oh, um..." Dave's cheeks colored. "I wasn't gonna, uh -- I mean, y'know. The condom isn't for me. I... kinda wanted to blow you? But we don't have to."

Kurt's eyes widened and his hips juttered forward minutely, as if responding for him. "Oh. You want to?" he asked. "Because, um. I'd like that, I think. I mean, I hear it feels amazing, and -- oh," he moaned as David's hand stroked up his thigh and wrapped loosely around the base of his erection.

"Yeah?" Deave asked, fighting the slight hint of hesitation in his tone. He unrolled the condom down the length of Kurt's erection and leaned forward, mouthing the head of his cock.

"Oh my god," Kurt gasped, his hands flailing for a moment and the muscles of his belly straining as he tried to keep from thrusting straight into David's mouth. His hands settled at his sides, fingers clenching, letting David set the pace.

Dave reached blindly for Kurt's hand and settled it on the back of his own neck. He took him into his mouth, tongue running firmly over the underside.

His eyes rolling back as his boyfriend's tongue massaged his shaft, Kurt muttered David's name, then bit his lip. His fingers curled around David's neck and his hips twitched forward. He wanted to... he wanted to thrust into the other boy's mouth, to -- to fuck his face, but that wasn't something you just did. At least that's what he'd been led to believe. "David, I -- " he began.

Dave hummed in question, looking up with his eyes. He was fairly sure he knew what was going on in Kurt's head, though. He let go of the base of his boyfriend's dick in favor of settling his hands on his hips, then slid them back, onto his ass, and squeezed as he took the rest of him down in one go.

Kurt's back arched and his eyes squeezed shut as he thought of heterosexual things for a moment to get himself under control. He opened his eyes and looked down. David's lips were pressed against his pubic hair, and his eyes... "Do you want me to...?" he began. The look in David's eyes was answer enough. "Okay," he muttered and, keeping his gaze locked on his boyfriend's, he drew his hips back, then rocked slowly forward again, thrusting his dick between David's lips.

Dave was pretty sure this was the hottest thing, uh, ever. He urged Kurt on with his hands, squeezing his ass and pulling him forward slightly every time he pulled back. Every few thrusts he swallowed around his boyfriend's length, throat working around his cock.

Hissing in pleasure, Kurt watched his boyfriend with hooded eyes. "I'm not going to -- " he broke off on a moan, his hips twitching forward a little more sharply than before, " -- to last long." He licked his lips and his gaze darted down to David's mouth, stretched around his shaft, then back to his eyes. "God, it's so -- "

Dave pulled Kurt forward by his ass and held him in place as he swallowed around him repeatedly, then pulled back so he could suck the head of his cock and jerk him quickly at the same time before swallowing him down again.

"David, I'm -- " Kurt gasped. His whole world had narrowed to that hotel room, that bathroom, the way David's throat was pulsing around him. He let out a cry, his neck arching and his thighs clenching as he came for the second time that night.

When Kurt's cock stopped pulsing against his tongue Dave pulled away, standing so he could kiss the other boy as he reached down to pull the condom off and tie it shut.

Kurt draped an arm around David's shoulders to support himself as his knees threatened to buckle. He sucked on his tongue as his free hand slid down over the other boy's ribs and hip, then over to his hard dick. He rubbed it up and down with an open palm, then curled his hand around it, jerking him off quickly. "Come on," he murmured into David's mouth. "Come for me. I want to feel it again."

Dave groaned into the kiss, biting down on Kurt's bottom lip. He broke the kiss just so he could watch Kurt's hand on his cock, and that was enough. His dick twitched heavily and he came with an uneven gasp.

Unlike Kurt, David's knees did buckle, and Kurt barely caught him in time. He helped his boyfriend ease back down onto the rim of the bathtub and bent to kiss him again, first on the lips, then the cheek, then the temple. He sat down next to David on the cold porcelain, biting back a gasp as it came in contact with his bare skin, then took his hand and nuzzled a kiss against his shoulder.

Dave smiled slightly, turning to turn on the taps again. "So, uh... we were gonna take a shower, I think?"

"Were we?" Kurt murmured, grinning. "I must've gotten distracted."

* * *

When David put his truck in park in front of the Hudson-Hummel residence, Kurt unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to face him. "Last night," he said, pressing a kiss to his boyfriend's cheek, "was amazing. A few months ago I would've been surprised that you had it in you, but now..." he smiled gently. "Now I know better."

Dave grinned and stole a kiss. "Well, shit. Now I've gotta pull top shelf shit out of my ass for every date, don't I?" he joked, then kissed Kurt again. "Better go inside before your dad decides to come out. I don't know if I'll be able to look him in the eye if he asks if we slept in different rooms." Dave smirked slightly, "Besides, I'm sure you want to get away from me so you can tell Mercedes aaall the crap that'll make it even weirder for me to sit with her at lunch."

"Who do you think I was texting during the drive back?" Kurt asked, laughing at David's expression. He kissed David again, more slowly this time, then scooted toward the passenger door. "I get to plan the next date," he said, grinning. "It'll give you a break to think of something fabulous for the next time it's your turn."

{ It's a bit late, since Tess has been sick and Magz has been busy with school, and to top it off, Tess' internet kept threatening to die, but it's done! We'll more than likely not be able to post daily from now on, just because of how fic-based KIMS 2 is shaping up to be. IMs are fairly easy to write, because there isn't really any action involved. Fic, on the other hand...

Also, remember, we do have a header contest going on right now, and the deadline for entries is on March 15th. }

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