Jan. 16th, 2011

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[livejournal.com profile] dlgr has finished the interactive birthday card! If you would like to sign, please do so!

The card is located HERE. To sign:

1. Click the "Click Here To Sign This Card" Button at the top of the card.
2. Add your [PG-13 rated] message.
3. Put down the name you want him to see.
4. IF YOU MADE ART and would like him to see it:
     - Upload the art in the attach image section.
     - Go upload the art on an image hosting site (i.e. http://imageshack.com) and then copy/paste the link. Go then to http://tinyurl.com, paste the link there and hit enter. Copy/paste THAT link and paste it in the BODY of your message. You don't HAVE to shorten the url in tinyurl... but it'll save character space if you wrote a long message! And it's nice to upload the art in that image section because it'll show a thumbnail of what your link shows!


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